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Urinary Gold for Feline Urinary Tract Health

…of the urinary system * Normal immunity against bacteria ascending into the bladder What is Urinary Gold used for? When your feline requires ongoing support, Urinary Gold is a safe, gentle way to naturally maintain a healthy urinary tract. (Be sure to research changes to the diet that may also be of benefit. A natural diet for urinary health, along with Urinary Gold is an excellent way to ensure the health of your cat's urinary tract). Cats…


Urinary Gold DAILY for Cats

health of your cat's urinary tract. What is Urinary Gold DAILY for Cats used for? This is an ideal product for the daily maintenance of a healthy urinary tract. For felines in need of urinary tract support we recommend administering both of Pet Wellbeing's Urinary Gold formulas: * Urinary Gold * Urinary Gold DAILY for Cats Once your feline's urinary


Stress Gold for High Stress Situations in Cats

…stress is another type of stress, usually caused by pain or discomfort of an injury or inflammation, such as arthritis. By treating the cause of the health issue, the discomfort will hopefully abate and with it, the feelings of stress. For physical discomfort, we highly recommend using Comfort Gold, Pet Wellbeing's natural pain reliever. A Note from our Veterinarian... Like people,…


Immune SURE for Feline Immune System Support

…to that condition. For example, if your feline had a urinary tract infection, we would recommend Urinary Gold as the primary formula to administer. Similarly, Life Gold is designed to support pets with cancer. In those cases, Immune SURE provides extra support and insurance for the immune system. For other conditions…


Life Gold - Cat Detox

…our aim to produce the best products for your pet that we can. Can Life Gold really help my feline friend? Detoxification is a boost to a pet's health regimen. It might be helpful to think of it as a tune-up for the body. Just like our cars function well with regular tune-ups, the organ systems, like the mechanisms inside our cars, function a lot better when they are clean and given adjustments. Life Gold supports the systems of elimination,…

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