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Cat Toxoplasmosis

Feline toxoplasmosis is an illness that cat owners may not understand or even know exists, even if their pet has regular veterinarian visits. There are a number of ways that cat toxoplasmosis can be acquired and pet owners should not assume that indoor cats are immune to the disease. If their cat eats even a tiny bit of raw meat or happens to catch a small animal that gets inside the house - and then eats it- the cat can become infected with the…

Children and Cats

…cat. Toxoplasmosis, caused by the bacteria Toxoplasma and contractible through cat feces, is one of the most serious concerns as it can cause brain damage and even death. In addition, new parents tend to be concerned about the possibility that a cat will smother their child resulting in death. While the latter concern is usually exaggerated (veterinarians rarely, if ever, report cases of cats accidentally smothering babies), toxoplasmosis is a…

Toxoplasmosis and Pregnancy

Toxoplasmosis is a zoonotic disease that can transmit from cats to humans. During human pregnancy, toxoplasmosis carries a risk to the unborn baby. A small percentage of infected infants suffer from serious eye or brain damage. A domestic or wild cat that ingests the single-celled parasite Toxoplasma gondii becomes a host for this parasite. The parasites will reproduce in the cat’s intestine. The parasites shed oocysts that pass with the cat’s…

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