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Cat Flea Allergy Dermatitis

…it is also not uncommon for a veterinarian to carry out intradermal skin testing. This helps to discover how severe the flea allergy is, as sensitive cats have a good chance of other allergies too.Treatments The treatment used will be to prevent any future contact with fleas (which can be at times rather difficult). There are two main types of treatment options:Treatment For The Cat There are a series of both topical and oral medications to treat…

Atopy - Inhalant Allergies

…Schnauzer and English Bulldog. Atopy can affect cats at any age. Pets with Atopy may have other allergies as well (ex. Food hypersensitivity and flea allergy dermatitis). The common symptom of Atopy is pruritus, itchy, irritated skin. Intense itching leads to scratching and biting of irritated skin. During a seasonal allergy, dogs may chew feet, scratch sides or rub its face on surfaces for three weeks. The resulting trauma to skin and discomfort…

Dog Fleas

…debris. In addition to flea dirt, the fleas themselves may be visible in your dogs coat. You can check for fleas by combing carefully through your dogs fur. If you see tiny black insects scurrying for cover, you will have confirmed a flea infestation. Some dogs are actually allergic to flea saliva and develop a condition called flea allergy dermatitis. The symptoms displayed by a dog with this hypersensitivity are similar to those exhibited by…

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