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Cat Plasma Cell Stomatitus

…The animal is usually required to remain on these medications long term to manage this disease and prevent recurrence of inflammation. If all medical treatments have failed to keep the disease in check, the affected teeth must be extracted. In many cases full mouth extractions are needed. Since cats do not chew their food a lot to begin with, a cat with all its teeth extracted generally adapt really well and will be able to live a normal life.

Cat Gingivitis

What is Gingivitis? Gingivitis occurs when there is inflammation of the gums and is considered a moderate condition resulting from periodontal disease. It can be restricted to only one tooth, but can also be widespread throughout the gums, in turn affecting numerous teeth and causing . If gingivitis is left untreated in cats, the infection can spread throughout the gums into bones and ligaments, eventually causing teeth to fall out. More…

Dog Coughs

…and certain chemicals irritate the airways of some dogs, generating a coughing response. Tonsillitis and tooth and mouth infections can also lead to coughing. When the tonsils are infected, they become inflamed and partially block the animals airway. The dog then coughs in an attempt to remove this obstruction. In the case of tooth and mouth infections, the back of the throat can occasionally become inflamed. Such infections are particularly…

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