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Cat Vomiting

…diagnosis.Causes of Vomiting in Cats are often the reason for chronic vomiting in cats. Although you would think that just the hairball would be expelled, all contents of the stomach are regurgitated as well. If your pet is throwing up more than twice a month due to hairballs, it would be wise to seek advice from your veterinarian. Adding more fiber to your cat’s diet can also help to relieve the need to vomit. Another cause of vomiting in cats…

Dog Chocolate Toxicity

…toxicity is very good when your dog is treated properly.Prevention Obviously, you want to make sure you keep anything that has chocolate in it out of your dogs reach. When eating chocolate, be sure not to drop any because your dog will scarf it down faster than you can pick it up off the floor! If your dog is a trash-digger, ensure the trash is out of reach for him or her since many people throw out chocolate bits or pieces.Suggested Products

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