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GI CleanUp Gold for Cat Worms

…variety of internal feline parasites, or worms, which can make a home inside your cat’s body. These include roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whip worms, of which roundworm is the most common in felines. Young kittens are most susceptible to cat roundworms as they can be transferred to the kitten from its mother through the placenta or breast milk. Cats can also acquire worms from another small animal, such as a rodent, which has worms.…


Pooch Protect Bug Repellent Spray

…alternatives in the ongoing challenge to keep their canines safe from insect bites. Not only can insect bites cause discomfort to the animal, sometimes resulting in allergies and lasting skin inflammation, insects often carry diseases that can be prevented with an adequate repellent and regime. Mosquitoes can transmit heartworm and West Nile virus. Fleas can carry tapeworm and allergic reactions to flea bites are a common cause of dermatitis in

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