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Cat Worms

…a deworming treatment even when fecal testing turns up a negative result.Pathophysiology As mentioned previously, worms are internal parasites that infest cats and other animals, giving rise to a variety of problems. There are several different types of worms that commonly infect cats, including roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms. These worms are classified by shape, with the first two types of parasite having a rounded shape and tapeworms

Dog Worms

…parasitic infection to humans. A number of deworming products are available to help cure and control the most common types of parasite infections in dogs. While there is no deworming medication that will get rid of every type of worm, some products can effectively deal with more than one type of parasite. Typically, deworming products that combat round-shaped worms will not be effective against tapeworms, and vice versa. Therefore, more than one…

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