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Cat Nasal Discharge

…watched for, as they need immediate medical attention. In some instances, the infection may spread to the sinuses, which is indicative of an infected tooth root. They can also be a secondary condition in response to a tumor within the actual cavity. Thus, it is extremely important that the cat be taken to the veterinarian for the appropriate tests and examination.Treatment If any cats in your care have nasal discharge, the most important thing…

Cat Nose Cancer

…to be kept clear of infections. Male cats are more likely to have nasal cancer than females, and it needs to be treated aggressively once detected.Signs and Symptoms of nasal cancer Although the symptoms that your cat may be experiencing do not seem that serious you should have them checked over. Often your cat will begin and will have a which may be clear or in some cases have blood in it. No matter what discharge your cat has it is better to…

Dog Nasal Chondrosarcoma

in young dogs and puppies, but it does not discriminate by sex. Both an equal amount of female and male canines have been afflicted with these kinds of tumors. These tumors also do not discriminate by dog breed either. Both cats and dogs have been known to have Nasal Chondrosarcoma, and upon research of the cat tumor and the dog tumor they are quite similar.What are the symptoms of Nasal Chondrosarcoma? Be advised that different dogs react in

Cat Nasal Chondrosarcoma

in cats, but they are responsible for up to 80% of all of their tumors found in the respiratory area. These tumors are usually present in the sinus and nasal cavity area. Though these tumors are serious and most often malignant, only a small portion tends to spread to other areas of the cat’s body. Research has been done, but like many other cancers the cause has not yet been discovered. It seems to be quite prominent in kittens and young cats,

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