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Natural Lavender Dog Wash

…Nothing! A Note from our Veterinarian... This shampoo is highly tolerated by dogs with skin allergies and sensitive skin - yet it is a quality I wouldn't hesitate to recomment to natural dog groomers. Your dog is left naturally scented with organic French lavender, not the perfume of most groomers' products (also making it appropriate for sensitive dog parents). Every ingredient in this shampoo is well considered and I feel good about…


Pet Odor & Stain Remover

What is so special about this odor and stain remover? Living with pets means living with some undesirable odors at times. This product uses patented micro-technology to eliminate the odor, not mask the odor. The light fragrance dissipates after a short time and with it, so does the odor you don't want in your home or vehicle. This formula is tough enough to get rid of stubborn stains while being gentle on most surfaces and fabrics. A Note…


Itch Support Gold for Dogs

…informed of any and all side effects (especially long-term effects) that may result from prescription medications like steroids and antibiotics. Bathe your dog regularly: Use a shampoo that you know will not further irritate your dog's skin. Remember that shampoos are another potential irritant, particularly if they contain fragrance or harsh detergents. Minimize insect bites: You can do so by applying a natural, non-synthetic repellent. Use…


Itch Support Gold for Cats

…or a secondary reaction from another health issue. Examples of Common Allergens: * Pollens and grasses * Dust, dust mites and molds * Fragrances and other chemicals including those found in most laundry detergents, pet shampoos and household cleaners * Cigarette smoke * Prescription medication (including flea medication or medicated flea products) * Insect bites (including fleas) * Dander and feathers (may be in pillows, duvets or bedspreads) *…

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