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Cat Skin Disease

…after meals. There are also numerous other forms of feline skin disease that can cause additional symptoms. Bacterial and yeast infections, for example, can cause a bad odor. Furthermore, certain fungal infections such as ringworm can cause flaky, crusty skin and hair loss. While many feline skin disorders trigger several more specific symptoms in addition to the common, general warning signs of skin disease, the specific cause of the disease may…

Cat Squinting

…mites or . Head mange mites can create strong itching. When cats respond with severe scratching, hair loss, redness, and the formation of scabs can occur. A ringworm infection involves the hair found on the eyelid, making it brittle or causing it fall out. Itching is not a symptom of ringworm. With this condition, the skin can appear scaly, but there is generally no redness or irritation found.Treatment of Blepharitis Keeping the area clean is…

Dog Skin Disease

…dry and crusted while hair loss may occur and an odor may be present. These symptoms and warning signs can occur on any part of the dogs body, but mostly tend to appear on the dogs trunk and chin. On the other hand, ringworm -- a type of fungal skin disease -- most commonly appears on a dogs head and legs and is characterized by circular patches of hair loss. Sometimes these patches will become infected, taking on a dry and crusted appearance.…

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