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Dog Sneezing

…have intense sneezing fits.Reverse Sneezing A dog that is snorting, making gasping noises and appears to be struggling to breath may be suffering from a reverse sneeze. This fairly common phenomenon is a spasm caused by irritation at the roof of the mouth. Small dogs are more likely to suffer from it and certain breeds have a stronger predisposition to it. Dust, household chemicals or other irritants may trigger reverse sneezing. It can also…

Dog Coughs

Signs and Symptoms A dog may require cough medicine as a result of numerous different underlying causes and conditions. A canine cough can manifest itself in several different forms, including dry, hacking, wheezy, moist, or weak. It can also plague your dog frequently or just occur occasionally. In some cases, a canine cough will occur more often at certain times of the day than at other times. Or, certain activities such as exercising or…

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