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Hairball Gold

What is Hairball Gold? Hairball Gold is a natural liquid intended to help your feline manage hairballs. Plant-based ingredients high in mucilage content (naturally viscous) are combined with other herbs that assist normal elimination through the bowels and help the stomach feel comfortable. All botanical materials are extracted into a healthy base medium chain triglyceride oil, a product shown to be beneficial for general health in humans and…


Blood Sugar Gold - Cat/Feline Diabetes Support

…this happens, excess fat builds up in the cells of the liver. Be very careful when transitioning your feline to a new food to ensure he is eating adequate amounts daily. Cats cannot fast and must ingest some food within each 24 hour period at an absolute minimum! Treatment will almost certainly include regular injections of insulin. Your cat's feeding regime will be determined when a glucose curve is done by a veterinarian. This will indicate…


BM Tone-Up Gold - Cat Diarrhea Support

…persists or becomes severe, seek veterinary assistance immediately. Along with BM ToneUp, it is essential to feed the right foods when cats' stools are too loose. When diarrhea starts it is often advisable to fast the pet for 24 hours (not give any food) but maintain hydration with water and electrolytes, ice, diluted chicken broth or bone broth of any kind. Use Probiotics, Prebiotics, Slippery Elm powder (mix into a paste with some water and add…

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