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Urinary Gold DAILY for Dogs

…you suspect that your dog may have an obstruction or total blockage of urine (urethral obstruction), seek veterinary advice immediately. As well as making frequent attempts to urinate, your pet will show signs of distress. Urethral obstruction is an acute, life-threatening condition. Water. Your canine must have 24/7 access to fresh, clean water. Water is a key factor for maintaining a healthy urinary tract and making the urine less concentrated.…


Kidney Support Gold - Maintains Healthy Kidney Function In Dogs

…and electrolyte balance. * Helps in the maintenance of normal levels of blood urea and creatinine (products of metabolism excreted by the kidneys). * Supports the health of nephrons (parts of the kidneys that help it to filter blood). * Helps to maintain normal protein excreted in the urine. * Helps the body's immune system respond normally to bacteria and viruses. Additional Support: Be sure that your dog is receiving adequate water intake.…

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