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What’s the Deal with Cat Pheromones? What are They Used for and How do They Work?

If you have one or more cats that experience intense bouts of anxiety, you may have taken them to the vet to discuss ways to alleviate that stress. After all, stressed cats are at higher risk for digestive problems, lower immunity and other health issues. They can also be a nightmare to live with. In […]

This Program Might Have Found A Way To Keep Your Pet Calm At The Vet

Many pets dislike going to the veterinarian and tend to display symptoms of fear and anxiety before visits. But while some of these pets can easily recover from their panic as soon as they get home, others become so stressed they end up inflicting serious psychological and physical damage upon themselves. Just like human beings, […]

What’s Behind Your Dog’s Impeccable Sense of Smell?

A dog’s sense of smell is pretty phenomenal. It’s said to be over 1,000 times stronger than a human’s, which is why dogs use their sniffers much more than we do to learn about the world around them. Dog owners know that their pups like to sniff anything and everything that they can—bushes, toys, food […]

Why Does Your Cat Leave Its Mouth Open While Sniffing?

Cats are curious animals—they roam around your home and outdoors, investigating just about anything they can find. With their extraordinary sense of smell, they are able to navigate their surroundings and learn more about other animals. Every once in a while, you might notice that your cat will smell something, then leave its mouth hanging […]

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