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Nose Congestion

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Cat Herpes Viral Conjunctivitis

…discharge. In kittens the symptoms can be particularly severe, with large amounts of discharge so that the eyelids may be sealed shut. Infected kittens can also show upper respiratory symptoms such as runny nose, wheezing, and congestion. In very young kittens these respiratory symptoms can develop into pneumonia, which is a life-threatening disease. Diagnosis can usually be reached if the above symptoms are present. PCR (polymerase chain…

Cat Sneezing

…cologne or perfume, or after you have used a certain household product, then this could be the cause of your cats sneezing. Feline noses, especially of Persians and other cat breeds that have flat faces, can be easily irritated by dander or dust and this could lead to occasional sneezing as the irritants congest their nasal passage. Another symptom of an allergy is if you notice that your cat often sneezes at a particular time of the year. In…

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