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Dog Cushings Disease

…to two months have been known to effectively improve the health of an afflicted dogs coat, as well as the animals over all health. A number of other herbs such as garlic, rosehips, wormwood, and milk thistle can also provide relief for your canine companion when properly administered and carefully monitored. Homeopathic remedies in general tend to be especially effective when Cushings Disease is caught during its early stages. However, no matter…

Dog Liver Disease

…damaged to the canines liver. Certain homeopathic remedies can also be very helpful when treating canine liver disease. Natural herbs and substances such as burdock and greater celandine have properties that assist with the purification of blood, the stimulation of digestive enzymes, and the protection of the liver from toxic substances. Also, some such substances have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Milk thistle is another…

Dog Worms

…worms. As there are a number of different worms that will infect canines, the symptoms and warning signs of such an infection may not always be the same in every case. However, there are certain signs that are frequently exhibited by dogs that are plagued by worms. Some pets who are infected with worms suffer from malnutrition and anemia. Dogs with an especially large amount of worms in their system may take on an unhealthy, malnourished…

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