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Cat Food Allergies

…from the cat’s diet.Signs and Symptoms Symptoms of food allergies in cats are the same as other types of allergies found in cats. The main symptom of a food allergy in cats is itchy skin. Other symptoms include miliary dermatitis, loss of hair, and excessive scratching. Food allergies in cats are difficult to distinguish from other types of allergies based on signs that are physically related. Cats suffering from symptoms year round or during…

Cat Fleas

…typical symptoms will be present, but to the extreme. The biting and scratching will usually become compulsive for hypersensitive cats, even leading to hair loss and bald spots. Hot spots and a skin disease known as miliary dermatitis may also develop due to the continuous and harsh skin irritation. Furthermore, a cat with this condition may end up with lip ulcers. While in some circumstances, flea dirt and the actual fleas themselves may be…

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