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Cat Constipation

…at all, causing feline obstipation. Severe constipation in cats manifests in a more aggravated condition referred to as feline megacolon.Feline Megacolon and Constipation in Cats Cats of all ages, breeds and gender can experience both constipation and feline megacolon. However, feline megacolon tends to affect male cats of middle age and domestic breeds of shorthairs. The causes are varied. Apart from the common causes linked to and sedentary…

Cat Hypothyroidism

…T4 levels do not increase when the feline patient is given TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). Other potential diagnostic tools include x-rays and EKG. Some cats with hypothyroidism also suffer from a condition known as megacolon, where their large intestine is dilated and filled with stool. Abdominal x-rays will allow a veterinarian to see whether or not a cat has this problem. With regards to EKG, slow heart rates and abnormal heart tracings…

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