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Dog Scabies

…irritation. Soothing the itch may be a temporary treatment, but finding the cause of the itch and the irritated areas will be the only true effective treatment.Treatment Options A lime-sulfur dip is the safest form of treatment. Dermisil is an over the counter dip that should be administered every 5 days. The condition should clear up in that time. A medicated shampoo should also be used. This would be an anti-acaricidal shampoo. There are also…

Cat Scabies

…used on dogs, most are toxic to cats and should not be used. Cats are very sensitive to insecticides. It is best to clip all of the longer hair on the cat. Bathe the cat with a gentle shampoo. After the shampoo, a lime sulfur dip should be applied to the cat. If your cat has an aversion to being bathed or treated, you may have to sedate him. The treatment must continue every seven days until it is completely resolved. That can take six to eight…

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