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Dog Increased Urination

…hepatic disease (), or ().Causes for an increase in water consumption or urination • Sudden dietary changes, such as an increase in salt consumption. • Exposure to heat. • Heavy activity. • (UTI). It may also occur with other bladder diseases. • Dog kidney diseases. This is a primary reason in some older dogs. • . • Medications such as prednisone or lasix. • . • or . • Any disease of the liver. • Older female dogs and may have an infection of…

Dog Difficulty Breathing

…• Giant dogs such as s are at high risk for congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy. • Toy breeds and small dogs can have a collapse of the trachea, chronic mitral valve disease or bronchitis.Symptoms • • Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath. • • Coughing It is advisable to consult with your veterinarian if any of these symptoms occur. Your veterinarian will conduct several studies to determine the cause. Initially your dog should have…

Dog Chemotherapy Drug Side Effects

Chemotherapy treatments for , does not have the same degree of side effects in dogs as it does in humans. Dogs are given lower doses than humans. Chemotherapy drug side effects will also vary with the drug used. The decision to use to treat cancer in dogs can prove to be a very expensive one. The fees will depend on the size of the dog. The larger the dog, the more medication needed and consequently the higher the fees. Chemotherapy can run into…

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