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Cat Hypothyroidism

…rare, there are a few potential non-iatrogenic causes of cat hypothyroidism. For example, thyroid tumors (neoplasia) that affect both lobes of the thyroid and destroy the entire gland can potentially trigger hypothyroidism. A dietary deficiency of iodine is another potential cause of this endocrine disorder. However, commercial brands of cat food generally contain sufficient dietary iodine so, again, this is a very rare cause of hypothyroidism.…

Dog Hypothyroidism

…majority of cases is a gradual onset of listlessness and lethargy. A dog with this endocrine disorder may appear to become mentally dull as well as physically dull, and may also begin to gain weight despite an apparently low food intake. Coat changes are also common. The dogs hair tends to lose its luster and becomes greasy with time, and will also shed excessively. This often leads to bald spots, especially on the dogs trunk and hind legs. Hair…

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