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Life Gold - Cat Cancer Support

Give your Cat the best chance at a Good Quality of Life! You have talked to your vet and they have told you what your options are. For certain cancers there are conventional treatments that may help, but in most cases the prognosis does not leave you with many options. As with human cancer, the precise causes of cat cancer are not known. We know that genetics may be a contributing factor, plus there are potential factors like: * Diet (e.g. poor…


Life Gold - Cat Detox

…vitality. How long does it take before I see results? Most cat owners tell us that they notice positive results of some kind within about of month of administering this product. Life Gold works gently without harsh purgatives or stimulants. Should I consult my Veterinarian before using it? If your vet is prescribing other treatment, it’s always good to consult with her or him before administering a new supplement or product to your pet. Why…


Young at Heart for Cat Heart Disease

…blood flowing to the rest of the body (and not backing up into the heart). This is a simplified version of the heart's anatomy but it helps to demonstrate some basic information about how the heart works. As your pet ages, he or she may require support to keep the muscular integrity of the heart and the valves working normally. Certain breeds may be known to be more susceptible to specific kinds of heart conditions. Can my cat take Young at…


Smooth BM Gold - Cat Constipation Support

…consult your veterinarian. Do not use if your cat has diarrhea. An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product. How long does it take before I see results? Smooth BM Gold should start working quickly. Just as soon as the ingredients can pass through your pet's gastrointestinal system. Does Smooth BM Gold cause any side effects? There are no known side effects. However, do not give Smooth BM Gold to your cat if…


Milk Thistle for Cat Liver Disease

…vet stressed that giving her milk thistle would help her a lot. I happened upon your website about 6 weeks ago and ordered liquid milk thistle your company offered. Not only was it easy to administer, but I just received the results of Sabrina’s recent blood work. Her blood count numbers, while I don’t know exactly what each means went from 2290 down to 278!!! Another count went from 812 to 159! I cannot tell you how grateful I am for…


Cancer Support Kit - Cats

About Cat Cancer If your cat has cancer, the best way to handle it is to take action. Learn all you can about your cat's form of cancer. Find out how to give her the best possible care. We suggest you talk to your vet about the various treatments available. For some types of cancers, conventional treatments are quite effective. Natural products can be a helpful addition to your veterinarians treatment plan. These natural products may help…


Stress Gold for High Stress Situations in Cats

…on hand if your cat is prone to stress or a stressful event is about to take place. Take comfort that there is a safe and natural product you can provide when it is needed. For your pet's peace of mind and your own. The amount of Stress Gold required is individual. In other words, the dosage needed by one pet may be different from the amount another pet needs. Some pets respond dramatically to nervines ("NER-veens" = herbs that have…


Urinary Gold DAILY for Cats

…food. * Let the food warm up to room temperature before serving. * DO NOT leave kibble out or your cat will never make the transition. * Don't worry how long it takes. Some picky felines are able to transition within a week, for others it may take longer. Can my cat take Urinary Gold DAILY for Cats with prescription drugs? As a general rule, it is not recommended to administer anything else if you give your cat blood thinners. Does it come…


Ultimate Probiotic with Prebiotics for Cats

…empty stomach. My recommendation is to incorporate probiotics into your pet's diet any time and not wait until there is a sign of illness or a condition that needs treatment. It is some of the best insurance you can provide for the future health of your pet. Can my cat take Ultimate Probiotic with prescription drugs? As a general rule, it is not recommended to administer anything else if you give your cat blood thinners. Does it come with a…


Blood Sugar Gold - Cat/Feline Diabetes Support

to give insulin and when to feed your cat. Also closely monitor any adjustment in diet. Especially if moving from a higher carbohydrate kibble diet to a higher protein, lower carbohydrate diet. Lower carb diets may reduce the percentage of body fat and lower insulin requirements. What is Blood Sugar Gold? Our unique formula has been developed by our holistic veterinarians to support stable feline blood sugar levels. Using the best known herbs for…


Urinary Gold for Feline Urinary Tract Health

to support both normal pH and normal urinary immunity. If your feline has a tendency to require ongoing maintenance of the urinary tract, Urinary Gold can help. A Note from our Veterinarian: Urinary Gold is designed to give gentle, preventative support to your feline. If you suspect that your cat may have an obstruction or total blockage of urine (urethral obstruction), seek veterinary advice immediately. As well as making frequent attempts to


Mushroom Immune Gold for Feline Cancer Support

…Feeding your cat a natural, healthy diet is part of the best immune support you can give them. If you haven't already, consider an unprocessed, cereal-free diet for your cat. Can my cat take Mushroom Immune Gold with medications? Monitor blood glucose levels closely and use caution if animal is taking medication to lower blood sugar as product may have hypoglycemic effects. Use caution if using concurrently with antihypertensive drugs (to

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