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Dog Heart Disease

…substances can help to strengthen their heart and reduce the effects of heart disease. Furthermore, theres a wide variety of natural substances that are very beneficial with regards to treating this condition. For example, hawthorn berries, mistletoe, valerian, and numerous other natural substances are known to have positive effects upon the function of a hearts dog and body. Some of these effects include controlling irregular heartbeats or…

Cat Heart Disease

…with properties that target a number of different symptoms and irregularities. For example, substances such as balm of gilead and lobelia improve blood flow and circulation. Other ingredients such as mistletoe and hawthorn berries control tachycardia and heart rate and also relax spasms and reduce stress on the heart. Homeopathic remedies often contain a combination of such ingredients, in order to provide the most beneficial effect possible.…

Dog Hyperthyroidism

…overactive production of thyroxine and triiodothyronine. This natural substance also relieves the irritability that can sometimes result from hyperthyroidism. It also helps to strengthen certain heart functions, as does hawthorn. Other useful homeopathic ingredients include lemon balm and valerian. These substances relax spasms, relieve tension, and reduce excitability. Homeopathic products geared towards treating canine hyperthyroidism may…

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