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Dog Gastroenteritis

…looking.Symptoms of Gastroenteritis When a dog consumes something that is infested with bacteria, fungus, or parasites, it can cause havoc on the digestion system and cause visible symptoms. These symptoms include , , , , , and grumbling noises from their tummy. It will also be abundantly clear that the dog does not feel well and needs veterinarian treatment as soon as possible. Bacterial reasons behind the gastroenteritis need to be treated…

Zinc Toxicity

…marked Heinz formation that indicates oxidative damage and hemolytic anemia, an abnormal breakdown of red blood cells that exceeds the production of new red blood cells by the bone marrow. This disorder can also cause gastroenteritis, inflammation and possible necrosis of the liver, kidney and pancreas. Symptoms of Zinc Toxicity include vomiting, red or brownish orange urine, diarrhea, loss of appetite, lethargy, anemia, icterus (yellow skin and…

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