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Cat Nasal Discharge

…discharge can often mean a nasal infection after proliferated bacteria attacks the lining of the nose following a trauma or pre-existing condition (such as viral respiratory disease). Many signs such as sneezing, noisy breathing, and breathing out of the mouth should be watched for, as they need immediate medical attention. In some instances, the infection may spread to the sinuses, which is indicative of an infected tooth root. They can also be…

Cat Nasal Chondrosarcoma

…Nasal Chondrosarcoma? Nasal Chondrosarcoma is basically a cancerous tumor in the nasal area afflicting both felines and canines. These tumors are only responsible for a small portion of tumors in cats, but they are responsible for up to 80% of all of their tumors found in the respiratory area. These tumors are usually present in the sinus and nasal cavity area. Though these tumors are serious and most often malignant, only a small portion tends…

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