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Cat Upper Respiratory Infection

…in Cats Often the cause is not identified in a single cat in a shelter situation. There are other symptoms that can lead to a fairly good guess. With FHV-1, Feline herpesvirus you will see some redness in the eyes. With FCV, feline calcivirus, there is more likely to have oral sores present. Whilst Mycoplasma and Chlamydophila will also have reddened eyes. Viral studies can be performed. Cultures can be obtained from the nose, mouth or the lungs…

Cat Calicivirus

Calicirirus, which is more commonly referred to as FCV, is a common viral disease in cats that is characterized by upper respiratory symptoms and can result in pneumonia and mouth sores. Although the original calcivirus was usually not life threatening, a new, more virulent strain, known as VS-FCV has been occurring recently. This mutation is highly contagious and can be spread both directly and indirectly. In VS-FCV along with the respiratory…

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