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Cat Herpes Viral Conjunctivitis

…possible for an adult cat with prior exposure to the feline herpes virus to develop conjunctivitis later in life, especially in times of stress when its immune system is compromised. The symptoms can readily be observed and prompt treatment can restore the animal’s health with minimal impact on vision.Symptoms and Diagnosis Symptoms of conjunctivitis include excessive squinting, redness of the eye, and increased discharge. In kittens the…

Cat Dry Eyes

…a cat’s tears.Causes of Dry Eyes in Cats A virus is thought to be the leading reason that cats may suffer from dry eyes. However, dry eyes are much more commonly found in dogs than in cats; although a hereditary form of the disease can occur often in cats as well. Injury to the nerves in the eyes or the tear glands themselves can also lead to dryness of the eyes.Signs and Symptoms The most common sign of dry eyes is a thick, mucus like discharge

Cat Eye Cancer

…eyelid tumor in all breeds of cats is a mass that starts out small and continues to grow. The tumor may also have a discharge or may become ulcerated over time. In cats, it is often dismissed as possibly .Diagnosis The mass must be biopsied and tested in order to make a diagnosis. Other common tests that may be performed to determine the extent of the disease and the cats overall health are x-rays of the head, eye ultrasounds, MRI, and lymph node…

Cat Cherry Eye

…place.Symptoms of Cherry eye in cats A reddened mass that comes out of the eye on the side of the eye toward the nose. Thick fluid discharge coming from the eye. Redness or inflammation in the eye or the conjunctiva of the eye.Diagnosis and treatment Your veterinarian will diagnose the cherry eye by his or her inspection of the eye and the surrounding tissue. Treatment will quite likely be surgical in nature, but if the cherry eye is caused by an…

Cat Pink Eye

…This particularly occurs in the corner of the eye. Cats with conjunctivitis also tend to squint, keeping their eyes half closed. The third eyelid may also be more noticeable, possibly protruding out so that it covers the eyeball. Since this condition can cause the eyes to be painful and uncomfortable, an infected cat may rub at its eyes. In some cases of feline conjunctivitis, a pus-like discharge may be present that can be clear, yellow, grey,…

Dog Dry Eyes

…the eye. In this disorder, less of the watery substance and more of the mucus is found in the tears.Causes of Dry Eyes in Dogs A virus is thought to be the leading reason for dry eyes in dogs. It is more common in dogs than cats. Injury to the nerves in the eyes or the tear glands themselves can also lead to dryness of the eyes.Signs and Symptoms The most common sign of dry eyes is a thick, mucus like discharge from one or both of a dog’s eyes.

Cat Eyelid Tumor

cats, as well as cats that spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun. These tumors can be painful for the cat, impede their eyesight, and cause many signs of discomfort.Signs and Symptoms Your cat will give you signs and signals that they might have a tumor in the eye. Those signs will include: * Scratching and pawing at their eye * Eye redness, similar to * They will give off a discharge in the eyes from these tumorsDiagnosis In the case of cats,

Cat Bordetellosis

discharges from the eyes and nose, feverishness, weakness and even vomiting. While , or coughing, may also be present, it is not wise to make the mistake of assuming that a cough must be present for feline bordetellosis to exist in a cat. Not all cats actually cough and when they do, it may not be particularly noisy. The coughing may be combined with vomiting, making it hard to distinguish an actual coughing sound. Pet owners who have had cats

Cat Nasosinal Cancer

…of the cats at their death. Nasosinal cavities are not as common in cats as they are in dogs. Cats average 10 years of age generally, but have been known to have it as young as 3.Signs and Symptoms Symptoms for nasosinal cancers in cats include, but are not limited to, nasal discharge, eye discharge, nosebleeds, , and facial deformities in the advanced stages. The deformity will occur as the disease progresses and bone mass is decreasing. Cat

Cat Ear Mites

…saliva. Whether or not your cat experiences significant irritation caused by the presence of ear mites, you can keep an eye out for other symptoms and warning signs as well. For instance, ear mites stimulate the wax-producing glands in feline ears. Thus, another common symptom of an ear mite infection is increased earwax. In addition, a cat with ear mites will typically have a dark discharge from its ears. This discharge often resembles coffee…

Cat Ear Infections

discharge will be dark, with a resemblance to coffee grounds. Changes in behavior that sometimes occur when a cat is suffering from an ear infection include irritability and listlessness. When this type of infection goes untreated, it can cause narrowing of the ear canal which can lead to . When the nerves of the inner ear are affected by an infection, your pet may become dizzy, tilt its head to one side, walk in circles, and display unusual eye

Cat Bad Breath

…circumstances mouth-based halitosis will be accompanied by oral discharge that may or may not be bloody. Signs of oral pain and difficulty with eating are other symptoms to watch for. Excessive drooling, facial swelling, pawing at the face and mouth, and nasal discharge can also be warning signs of a problem with a cats mouth. If you observe any of these symptoms in conjunction with your cats bad breath, theres a good chance that the source of…

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