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Cat Epilepsy

…can help, and your pet healthcare provider can possibly alleviate the symptoms. There are no definitive answers as to why cats acquire epilepsy, but there are conditions that the animal may have that can trigger such an epileptic fit. Here is a list of common medical issues that may contribute to feline epilepsy: •, hyperthermia, or fever caused by infection • and • Poisoning from toxins such as antifreeze or lead • or possible tumor on the…

Dog Epilepsy

…cells and neurotransmitters will become healthier, leading to fewer seizures. Supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids are particularly helpful in this respect, as they improve brain cell membranes. The health of an epileptic dogs liver is also incredibly important, as this organ cleanses the blood of toxins and controls the levels of many substances in the blood, including glucose and proteins. The stronger the animals liver, the healthier…

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