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Enlarged Spleen In Dogs

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Dog Hemangiosarcoma

…does however, serve an important role in the circulatory system. If the spleen enlarges too much it can break and blood will spill into the abdomen of the dog. Immediate surgery to remove the spleen is necessary to prevent the dog from totally hemorrhaging. Since the spleen is so vascular, spread to other organs will occur frequently. It must also be noted that about twenty five percent of dogs who have spleen associated hemangiosarcoma also have…

Ehrlichia Infection

…ewingii which are mostly responsible for infections in dogs; Ehrlichia chaffeensis which are mostly responsible for infections in humans; and Ehrlichia ruminatium. Ehrlichia are passed through Brown Dog Ticks and some other types of ticks depending on the region. Ehrlichia in animals is usually transmitted via the Brown Dog Tick. The symptoms of Ehrlichia infection involve a number of phases. In the acute phase, symptoms are mild and begin…

Dog Malignant Histiocytoma

…occur.Treatment Options Your initial visit with your dog to your veterinarian will include x-rays, ultrasound and a variety of blood tests. The x-rays will allow the vet to visualize the mass in the mediastinum and also the potential for lung involvement. Enlargement or malformation of the other potentially affected organs can also be seen on x-ray. These would include liver, lungs and spleen. By aspirating fluids from the affected area the vet…

Dog Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

…than the deadlier melanoma. Enlarged lymph glands are not certainty of metastasis. In a study of 100 dogs, 40% who showed no enlargement had cancer cells present in the nodes, 49% of those with enlarged lymph nodes had not metastasized.Prognosis Pain management and nutrition are two areas an owner can have a direct impact on the outcome of treatment. Less pain means less stress, and therefore more energy the dog can apply to healing. Nutrition…

Cat Bartonella and Cat Scratch Disease

…late as two months after contact with cats. In patients with weakened immune systems the infection can spread and create serious complications, including heart valve infection, and enlarged spleen. Immuno-competent patients sometime can develop more serious infections, although this is very rare. Most cases will resolve spontaneously, sometimes without treatment. The disease is most commonly found in children, because their immune systems are not…

Related Categories Hemangiosarcoma | Enlarged Spleen
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