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Dog Difficulty Breathing

Labored breathing, difficulty breathing, respiratory distress, all fall under the category of dyspnea. It can happen when your dog inhales or exhales. When dyspnea occurs, your pet may not be able to get enough oxygen into his system. If your dog has an underlying heart condition, it could indicate a buildup of fluid in his tissues or lungs. The fluid can cause the shortness of breath.Causes • Diseases of the Lung • , such as • or other type of…

Cat Difficulty Breathing

Difficulty breathing, or dyspnea, can be a life threatening situation for your cat. Your veterinarian needs to see your cat as soon as possible. A thorough history should be provided. This will include when the symptoms began, the general state of your cat’s health and whether some trauma may have occurred. Your veterinarian will listen closely to your cat’s chest to check for heart murmurs or the possibility of some fluid in the lungs. She will…

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