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Dog Increased Urination

…increase in salt consumption. • Exposure to heat. • Heavy activity. • (UTI). It may also occur with other bladder diseases. • Dog kidney diseases. This is a primary reason in some older dogs. • . • Medications such as prednisone or lasix. • . • or . • Any disease of the liver. • Older female dogs and may have an infection of the uterus called pyometra. If you have spayed dogs, then this not an issue. • Congenital abnormalities are the primary…

Dog Kidney Stones

…the stones might be attempted through either diet or medicine. If this is attempted, the dog will need to be kept a close watch on, since not every stone might be dissolved. If the animal is in the midst of kidney failure, or has other signs that are very severe, usually either lithotripsy or surgery will be used. If the dog is found to have concurrent UTIs, then therapy using antibiotics will be recommended. For those animals that are found to…

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