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Dog Heatstroke

…and prepare to take your dog into the vet’s office or clinic. Before you leave for the vet, his temperature can be lowered by bathing him in cool water. Toy breeds or small dogs should have lukewarm bathing. Do not use ice water or very cold water. This can cause other problems. Initially the surface blood vessels will constrict and the core or inside temperature will rise. Check the temperature with a rectal thermometer every five minutes. When…

Cat Fever

…truly know if your cat has a fever you need to take his temperature. It is best to use a pediatric rectal thermometer in order to get the most accurate temperature. A digital thermometer works best rather than a glass one as its faster and safer. You can also get a thermometer from the pet store with complete instructions on how to take a cat’s temperature or just pick up the pediatric rectal thermometer at a local drug store.Suggested Products

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