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Dog Urinary Incontinence

…until the dog is ready to go ‘potty’. These muscles are influenced greatly by the presence of hormones. When hormones decrease as a dog ages, incontinence is subject to become an issue. Urinary incontinence rarely occurs in young dogs. There have also been instances where male dogs developed incontinence due to prostate problems. It is rare to see this condition caused by a hereditary or congenital abnormality. In some older dogs the cause may…

Dog Hemivertebrae - Butterfly Vertebrae

…the spinal cord becomes compressed, the dog will display neurological symptoms which include weak rear limbs and incontinence. An X-ray of the spine can usually confirm the presence of deformed vertebrae, while more advanced imaging (such as MRI or CT) might be needed to see if the spinal cord is being compressed by the bones.Treatment In mild cases when the spinal cord is not affected and the dog is otherwise healthy, no treatment is necessary.…

Dog Sterilization

…castrated dogs will also suffer from weakness of the urinary sphincter, causing mild incontinence, but with time and medication these effects are minimized. Another side effect post-sterilization is weight gain. For this reason, diet needs to be closely monitored. As one would expect, dogs tend to loose some of their energy for the weeks immediately following surgery and sometimes have an increased appetite. You should carefully monitor your dogs

Dog Prostate Cancer

…one of the rarer of the diseases in dogs, you should still take your dog for a veterinary consultation as soon as possible to get the necessary tests done to verify whether or not your dog does indeed have prostate cancer.Signs and Symptoms Is your pet suffering from symptoms such as blood in the urine, incontinence, , , or unusual tiredness? If so, your dog might have prostate cancer. The symptoms of dog prostate cancer are fairly general. and…

Marijuana Intoxication

…antiemetic effects that would make induced vomiting difficult. If the dog is extremely sedated, a risk of inhaling the vomit could cause secondary aspiration pneumonia during prolonged reclining. This risk is both serious and deadly. Gastric lavage can flush out the stomach contents. Activated charcoal that treats poisoning can reduce the signs’ severity and duration. The dog receives the charcoal as a liquid orally every eight hours for the…

Caring for a Paralyzed Animal

…baby wipes to regularly clean your pet’s genitals and anus. You will also want to protect the area where your pet sleeps. Because they become incontinent, it is recommended that you lay some kind of protection over your carpeting or flooring in the area where your pet sleeps. Alternatively, there are dog diapers available and you may want to use these to prevent messes. As with paralyzed humans, paralyzed pets cannot tell if their skin in the…

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