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Dog Kidney Stones

…removing liquid wastes from the dog’s body, and since a percentage of the mineral wastes are only a little soluble, crystals might form. When it takes a prolonged time for the crystals to move through the urinary system, interaction might occur, and kidney stones can then be formed.Kidney Stone Causes There are many different kinds of stones that can be found in dogs and cats. Usually, each stone type has its very own cause: *Genetic…

Dog Bladder Cancer

The bladder is the most common site for Dog Cancer in dogs than in any another organ of the urinary tract. Currently responsible for only 1% of all forms of cancer in canines, the rate of bladder cancer in dogs has risen over 200% within the last 10 years.Most Common Type of Bladder Cancer in Dogs The most prominent form of this cancer is known as invasive transitional cell carcinoma, or TCC. TCC tends to affect the trigobe, which is the neck…

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