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Inflammatory Bowel Disease - IBD

…inflammation can result in vomiting and diarrhea. Symptoms of IBD include chronic vomiting in cats and persistent diarrhea in dogs. Lymphoplasmacytic enteritis, a common form of IBD, can product loss of appetite, nausea and gurgling in the intestine (borborygmi). Vomit may contain bile. With cats, the vomit may include hairballs. Symptoms of this group of intestinal disorders may include a wide range of severity whether intermittent vomiting only…

Cat Coughs

…without treatment, others respond well to simple home treatments, and still others require veterinary care. A cats cough may be triggered by something as simple as ingesting too much water or drinking too fast, or by hairballs. Long-haired cats are particularly prone to fur balls and often cough, retch, and even vomit up matted hair. Allergies, foreign materials, and toxins can also make a cat cough. For example, inhaling a piece of grass,…

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