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Dog Heart Disease

…categories of heart disease -- acquired heart diseases and congenital heart diseases. The latter type of disease results from a defect of this organ that is present since the dogs birth. These defects can either be genetically inherited or can develop during embryogenesis. Congenital forms of heart disease, however, only account for approximately five percent of the incidences of this disease in dogs. Acquired forms of this disease, on the other…

Dog Liver Disease

…possibly with an orange cast. Diarrhea and vomiting may also occur. Some dogs may also suffer from weakness and confusion. In advanced stages of this disease, a dog may be plagued with convulsions. In addition, another classical sign of liver disease is jaundice. This involves the yellowing of a dogs gums, skin, and the whites of a dogs eyes. If you notice your dog exhibiting any of the above symptoms and warning signs, its imperative that…

Dog Hemangiosarcoma

…than a year. Hemangiosarcoma appears primarily in dogs. The age of the dog is usually middle to old age. Larger dogs are also more prone with the being the most commonly affected. It appears most often in the spleen and other organs of the circulatory system. From there it can metastasize to the lungs, liver, heart and spleen. Initially your veterinarian will check for . The presence of pale gums and other mucous membrane is an indication of…

Dog Epilepsy

…infections, heart disease, and low blood sugar. As a result, the cause of a dogs epilepsy can be internal to the brain, stem from another part of the body, or be unknown.Treatment The treatment necessary for a dog with epilepsy will depend upon the type and severity of the disorder. For instance, in the case of secondary or reactive epilepsy, treatment of the underlying cause will be necessary in addition to dealing with the seizures. Some dogs,

Cutaneous Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs

…important factor in obtaining the best possible outcome for your dog. For Additional Information: Vitamins & Dietary Supplements can boost your dog’s immune system and help prevent the development of cancer. If your dog has been diagnosed with cancer, the following products can provide nutritional support to assist them in their fight against the disease: * * * About Cancer. Animal Cancer Center. Available at:…

Cat Coughs

…that your cat is suffering from an upper respiratory infection. On the other hand, a cough coinciding with breathing difficulties and bluish gums is suggestive of heart disease. A hacking cough that brings up blood and phlegm could be indicative of the presence of a lung tumor or pulmonary disease. On the other hand, can also cause a cat to cough. Thus, coughing can simply be a response to the presence of an irritant, or it can be a symptom…

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