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Dog Hematochezia

…foods caused by allergy or intolerance This will usually cause colitis or irritable bowel syndrome which causes bleeding. • Neoplasia of the bowel • Polyps in the rectum or colon • Trauma to the area • Certain clotting disorders • Intussesception which is the telescoping of part of the bowel into another part of the bowel • Rectal, colon or anal diseaseSigns and Symptoms Your dog may have to strain to pass their stool. When the stool is passed,…

Dog Colon Cancer

…stool and your dog may eventually experience . Your dog may have rashes, weakness and noticeable hair loss. They can also manifest changes in their normal behavior, but either becoming seemingly aggressive or otherwise extremely shy.Diagnosis The diagnosis of colon cancer in dogs is usually done through a veterinary investigation. This initial investigation will rule out irritable bowel syndrome and the possibility of colitis. Blood tests will…

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