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Cat Cherry Eye

…prone to Cherry eye in many cases than any other breed of cat. In dogs the case of cherry eye is more common and may be very significantly displayed so that the gland is really predominantly displayed when the dog is facing you. Your vet will be able to tell you if the problem is cherry eye or is an inflammation or a foreign body in the eye as these sometimes mimic cherry eye.Causes of Cherry Eye In many cases the cause of cherry eye cant be…

Dog Cherry Eye

…irritability to your dog who may try to scratch the area - this will only make things worse so treatment must be sought as soon as possible. In older dogs, the occurrence of Cherry Eye could be the cause of a more serious medical condition such as a tumor.How Cherry Eye is Treated Cherry Eye in dogs is usually counteracted by having surgery done. During this surgery the Cherry Eye will literally be pushed back in to the dog’s eye socket and this…

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