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Dog Black Arsenic Poisoning

…to know that arsenic poisoning is a possibility so that treatment can begin immediately.Final Thoughts Finally, if you have a dog your responsibility is to keep them safe. Do not allow them near anything that could possible harm them, remember, dogs can be quite curious by nature and a dog is more likely to eat a rat poison than a cat would, especially a puppy. If you are using arsenic for bug or rodent control, make sure your dog does not have…

Cat Arsenic Poisoning

…cats, dogs, and children ended up being poisoned accidentally. Today, roach baits normally do not have arsenic but other rodent traps do, which means it is vital to keep your curious cat away from exposure to the chemical because it is deadly in doses in just 1 to 12 milligrams of arsenic per pound of your cat’s body weight. This is a very small amount, but it can cause devastating consequences. Additional signs to look for with arsenic poisoning

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