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Dog Folliculitis

…down the length of their backs. Dogs that have short hair usually have patches of hair loss, clumps of hair that is raised above the surface of their coat and, in the case of white haired dogs, have red or brown stains on their hairs. Long haired dogs will have much more subtle symptoms, such as a dull coat, scaly skin, and excessive shedding. However, regardless of the length of the coat, clipping a dog’s hair will be necessary to fully…

Dog Acne

dog breeds.Symptoms and Causes of Dog Acne The acne is remarkably similar in appearance to what people get and the cause can be puberty in dogs just as with teenage boys and girls. Other times the acne can stem from , such as . While dog acne in and of itself is not life threatening, it is important that the dog undergoes a full health examination to rule out any underlying conditions. In mild cases of dog acne, it clears on its own as the dog

Chinese Crested

…appearance. It was also called Chinese Hairless Dog, Chinese Royal Dog, and Chinese Ship Dog.Temperament: A well-socialized Chinese Crested should be alert, playful, and affectionate. They are generally very adaptable. They are energetic like most toy breeds, but they do not have the tendency to bark. The often become very attached to their owners, and are therefore great companion dogs. They do best when they have constant companionship,…

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