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Administering Subcutaneous Fluid at Home

…successfully administering fluids. There are 3 basic tools you’ll need in order to administer subcutaneous fluids to your pet: a needle, a drip set, and a fluid bag. Needles come in a variety of sizes and tend to be colour coded depending on the gauge of the needle. Higher gauges are associated with smaller needles (i.e. an 18 gauge needle is larger than a 20 gauge needle) and smaller needles tend to be less painful for your pet. Usually a…

Cat Cancer

…organs like the stomach and liver, or it can occur in general areas such as the abdominal cavity or chest cavity. This unregulated growth is caused by damage to DNA which gives rise to mutations in the genes that hold the codes for proteins that regulate cell growth. Normally, when cells are damaged they are eliminated by the immune system through a process known as apoptosis, a form of programmed cell death. However, cancerous cells avoid this…

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