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Dog Fibrocartilaginous Embolism - FCE

Overview .]] The vertebral column is made up with individual verterbrae, which are cushioned by intervertebral discs that allow an animal to flex its back. These discs are soft and gelatinous on the inside in order to absorb the forces exerted on the vertebral column when the animal is moving. When a microscopic piece of this gelatinous material dislodges, it can enter and form a blockage in the arteries that feed into the spinal column, thus…

Golden Retriever

…and narcotics detection.Activity: The Golden Retriever requires daily physical and mental exercise. This breed loves a day in the field, perhaps retrieving and carrying objects in its mouth. A play stick, ball or flying disc is a great interaction toy.Ownership: As a social dog, the Golden Retriever is a charming family companion. With daily exercise outdoors, this breed needs to live indoors with human interaction. Never isolate or leave this…

Dog Aspergillosis

…include bone infection. Which part of the body the fungus infects can determine the symptoms. The fungus invades the respiratory tracts or other organs through the bloodstream. The fungi may also attack the intervertebral discs of the spine. Common signs include weakness, uveitis (deep inflammation of the eye), fever, lameness, draining tracts, appetite loss and other symptoms that often show too late in a systemic disease. German Shepherd Dogs…

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