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Dog Difficulty Breathing

…veterinarians orders exactly. • Do not withhold fluids unless your veterinarian says that it should be done. • It is important to get a strict routine for administration of medications and observe your pet for any changes in their condition. • You may have to schedule more visits with your vet initially to record progress. Also digoxin levels need to be drawn on a routine level as this will build up in the blood of some animals.Suggested Products

Cat Congestive Heart Failure

…fluid around the lungs • water pills • nitroglycerine • ACE inhibitors which block some of the hormones that circulate during heart failure. They also prevent salt retention • A low salt diet • lanoxin or other form of digoxin that will regulate the heart beat • Dietary supplements The care of your cat after it comes home will have to be exact. All of the medicines prescribed by your vet need to be given on a routine basis. Be alert to changes…

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