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Dog Congestive Heart Failure

It is common for older dogs to suffer with what is known as congestive heart failure. It is said that this is a condition that is more common in larger dogs but it can happen to smaller dogs as well. It has been proven that congestive heart failure or CHF can be genetic which increases a dog’s chance of having CHF as it gets older. When your dog has congestive heart failure its heart stops working properly and it no longer pumps the blood…

Dog Heart Disease

…to congestive heart failure rather than heart attacks. Congestive heart failure involves a somewhat slow appearance of symptoms which then grow progressively worse with time. There are a number of different symptoms associated with heart disease in dogs, and different types of this disease will cause separate sets of warning signs. Yet, there are certain symptoms that are common to several different forms of heart disease. Often when a dog is…

Dog Difficulty Breathing

…such as s, s ands can have airway issues. These dogs have noisy breathing as a rule, but it can become worse after strenuous exercise or in hot, humid weather. • s are also prone to tumors that may occur in the chest. These are in the heart and lung area and cause pressure on the lungs. • Giant dogs such as s are at high risk for congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy. • Toy breeds and small dogs can have a collapse of the trachea, chronic…


…immitis) that is spread via mosquitoes, heartworm can affect dogs, cats, wolves, coyotes, foxes, and even humans. Heartworm is a filarial which looks something like a thread which in its final reproductive stage lives in the heart of its host. Heartworm, left untreated, can be very serious as it can result in congestive heart failure and likely death. Heartworm can live in the heart for several years and treatment can be exhausting and very…


…to become comfortable with their owner, but once a bond is formed they can be very loving. They need to be brushed regularly to maintain the health of their coat and if they are intended as house pets only, a short hair cut is much easier to manage. The Pekingese also have a number of health issues which should be monitored, most notably congestive heart failure. This is the leading cause of death in Pekingese but can be managed by medication.

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