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Thyroid Support Silver for Dog Hypothyroidism

…doesn't show enthusiasm * Bowel changes such as diarrhea or constipation * Joint problems * Heart abnormalities such as enlarged heart, slow heartbeat (bradycardia) or irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia). * High cholesterol levels * Eye problems such as dry eyes, uveitis or corneal ulceration A Note from our Veterinarian... Thyroid Support Silver is effective, yet gentle. Supporting the body's hormone levels requires a long-term outlook.…


SPARK - Daily Nutritional Supplement

What is SPARK? SPARK is a comprehensive supplement designed to supply more nutrition. Nutrition that canines and felines can't get from their diet. A leading naturopathic veterinarian developed SPARK to be a complete, all-in-one delivery system of 43 natural ingredients, all researched and synergistically combined for their ability to maintain excellent health. The 8 main components of SPARK: Non-synthetic sources of vitamins and minerals…


HeartClean Gold for Support During and After Heartworm Treatment in Dogs

What is HeartClean Gold? HeartClean Gold is an herbal and enzyme formula designed to support the heart and lungs of canines with heartworms. Although this formula is not a primary treatment for heartworms, it is ideal for supporting and maintaining both cardiac and respiratory health when hearworms are present, or during prevention. Administer HeartClean Gold in conjunction with a prescribed heartworm therapy from your veternarian. It is also of…

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