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Dog Training

…training to prevent chewing is to isolate the puppy in a room with a number of items it can chew. For example, leave a few toys as well as some items you’d prefer the puppy didn’t chew. Monitor the puppy’s behaviour. If it starts chewing an unacceptable item, reprimand it firmly by saying “NO” and then try to exchange the unacceptable object with one of its toys. Be sure to give some praise when the puppy is chewing toys rather than the…

Olde English Bulldogge

…walks. When properly conditioned, these dogs can become more active.Ownership: Olde English Bulldogges are friendly companions that love to please their owners. Since they have a tendency to chew on things, these dogs should be supplied with a variety of chew toys. Olde English Bulldogges also have a tendency to slobber quite a lot. Due to their build, these dogs should not be encouraged to jump, especially at a young age. The average lifespan of…

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

…around animals and strangers. Never allow this dog to wander in public or in areas where children or dogs may challenge. Keep a toy handy to distract your dog. At home, the devoted Stafford is playful with family and friends. This companion should stay in an area of the home that will suffer little damage from its chewing habit. Provide raw bones and chewing materials. This breed can be a determined watchdog. No breeders listed at this time.

Cat Stress And Anxiety

…anxious cats include trembling, pacing, and a loss of appetite. Excessive grooming, pulling out hair, or not grooming at all can also be signs of stress. Some cats may even begin to harm themselves through self-mutilation. Chewing on inedible objects and increased vocalization are also common behaviors displayed by cats suffering from stress and anxiety. In the case of separation anxiety, cats may become destructive, deliberately knocking objects…

Dog Depression

…a factor you will notice that your dog shows little enthusiasm for any activity. They will begin to sleep much more than normal and some may even lie around the house for the entire day without displaying any interest in toys, treats, affection or outdoor romps as well as showing signs of having .Changes in normal Eating Habits With dog depression an owner will generally first notice that his dog will change his normal eating habits. Some dogs…

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