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Cat Vomiting

…chronic vomiting in cats. Although you would think that just the hairball would be expelled, all contents of the stomach are regurgitated as well. If your pet is throwing up more than twice a month due to hairballs, it would be wise to seek advice from your veterinarian. Adding more fiber to your cat’s diet can also help to relieve the need to vomit. Another cause of vomiting in cats can be problems associated with eating. Cats that tend to eat

Cat Worms

…common among cats that share a communal environment with other animals, such as cats that live in kennels, shelters, or farmyards. Unhygienic living conditions can also increase the chance of a cat developing a problem with internal parasites. In addition, cats can also contract worms by eating the feces of other contaminated animals or by catching and eating small prey such as rodents that are carrying internal parasites. Eating insects like as…

Cat Nicotine Toxicity

…the amount of nicotine your cat has ingested, symptoms may appear mild or severe. Most cats will have after eating a nicotine product. However, most symptoms of nicotine toxicity will usually occur within an hour after your cat has eaten a nicotine product. Other symptoms include: 1. Generalized weakness 2. Visible tremors 3. Either hyperactivity or in the case of a high dose or 4. Dilated pupils 5. and vomiting can occur 6. Collapse is…

Cat Mushroom Poisoning

…will induce vomiting 3. Intravenous fluids will be administered if the vomiting and diarrhea do not stop quickly enough 4. If your cat is having seizures, they will be treated by the vet with medications that are specific for seizures 5. If your cat is showing signs of having or , a lifetime of medication may have to be administeredHow to Prevent Mushroom Poisoning in your Cat There is probably no way you can totally prevent your cat from eating

Cat Esophageal Cancer

…Due to the extremely high rate of metastasis with esophageal cancer, the success rate of surgical procedures is negligible. Most important points to consider are observing your cat for unusual eating habits. Be aware of an increase in vomiting or lack of appetite. The weight loss associated with this lack of appetite will cause this to happen quickly. Take your cat to the vet at the first consistent sign of any abnormality.Suggested Products

Cat Chocolate Toxicity

…your cat has ingested or even the type of chocolate that was ingested. Your veterinarian will begin administering fluids intravenously; administer medications to help with vomiting, diarrhea, and the stimulant effect your cat may be experiencing. Recovery for chocolate toxicity is very good if your cat is treated properly.Prevention Obviously, you want to make sure you keep anything that has chocolate in it out of your cats reach. When eating

Cat Liver Tumor

…on when the cat may return to normal activities, while additionally informing the cat’s owner on types of things to monitor. Usually, cat owners should monitor for labored breathing, discoloration in their cat’s gums or tongue, as well as checking for infection at the location of surgery. Furthermore, cat owners need to make sure their cat does not lick or scratch the incision. In addition, cats may need encouragement with eating as well. and…

Cat Raison Toxicity

…you visit the vet within the first two hours of ingestion then the raisin toxicity may be treatable. Most of the time your vet will induce vomiting to remove the offending fruit from their system. This can be done in a variety of ways but most generally with hydrogen peroxide. After causing the cat to vomit, activated charcoal may be used to absorb as much of the remaining toxins as possible. Potassium, calcium, sodium and phosphorous in the…

Cat Food Allergies

…your cat must not be fed any type of treat or even flavored medicines. The cat must only be allowed to eat the special food and have access to plenty of fresh water. It is also a good idea to limit the cats outside roaming in order to keep them from gaining access to foods or garbage. If the cat’s allergy symptoms are eliminated or reduced, then the cat will be put back on the original food after the 12 weeks have elapsed. Putting the cat back on…

Cat Liver Disease

…more general warning signs that a cat may exhibit when suffering from liver disease include weight loss and a loss of appetite. In some cases, a cat may even completely refuse to eat. Listlessness and lethargy are also common when a cat is sick with this disease. Other warning signs may include vomiting and diarrhea, as well as increased water intake (polydipsia) and increased urination (polyuria). Some cats with liver disease may experience…

Cat Cocoa Bean Mulch Poisoning

cat has ingested the mulch, vomiting should be induced. This can be done with 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide at 10 minute intervals for 3 doses. Call your veterinarian immediately and see if they want you to continue with a second round.Veterinary Care Your vet will most likely continue to induce vomiting. A gastric lavage (stomach washing) may also be done. After the lavage, activated charcoal will be given to your cat. Observation of your cat

Marijuana Intoxication

…induced vomiting, gastric lavage and activated charcoal. Treatment involves reducing absorption of the toxin. Different signs can determine different medications. If less than thirty minutes passed after eating the stash, an asymptomatic pet can undergo induced vomiting to remove toxins. However, THC has strong antiemetic effects that would make induced vomiting difficult. If the dog is extremely sedated, a risk of inhaling the vomit could cause…

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