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Cat Coughs

…triggers of coughing in cats are numerous and varied. Some causes will diminish and go away without treatment, others respond well to simple home treatments, and still others require veterinary care. A cats cough may be triggered by something as simple as ingesting too much water or drinking too fast, or by hairballs. Long-haired cats are particularly prone to fur balls and often cough, retch, and even vomit up matted hair. Allergies, foreign…

Cat Squinting

…happens when the eyes are scratched during a cat fight. Infection can easily set into the scratches and other surface injuries. This can contribute to an itchy eyelid, the formation of crust, and a buildup of pus and dirt on and around the eyelid.Other Causes Additional causes for blepharitis can include mites or . Head mange mites can create strong itching. When cats respond with severe scratching, hair loss, redness, and the formation of scabs…

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