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Cat Epilepsy

Feline Epilepsy is as common in the animal as epilepsy is in humans, and may have the same symptoms and causes. It can be a frightening experience to see your beloved cat acting strangely or thrashing about on the floor, but understanding the condition can help, and your pet healthcare provider can possibly alleviate the symptoms. There are no definitive answers as to why cats acquire epilepsy, but there are conditions that the animal may have…

Cat Seizures

…overdose may also be to blame. Despite the many potential reasons behind epilepsy, the veterinarian may not be able to detect a cause. This is true of many cat seizures. This is idiopathic epilepsy, but most veterinarians just say epilepsy when diagnosing it.Signs & Symptoms Symptoms can vary depending on the type of epilepsy the cat has. With a petit mal seizure, the cat may shake a single leg, have a blank stare or simply cry out in pain. The…

Cat Liver Disease

…liver disease. Such drugs include some medications that are perfectly safe for other species but are very harmful for cats. For example, acetaminophen (Tylenol), phenobarbital (an epilepsy medication), and glucocorticoids (cortisone) can all have a toxic effect on a cats liver. Tumors are also capable of causing liver disease in cats. Cancer that triggers this condition can be primary (arising within the liver) or secondary (arriving through the…

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