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Cat Sneezing

…pollen) might be causing the sneezing.Dental problems Thats right - dental problems can cause sneezing! And yet this is the place where cat owners would least expect to be the source of the problem leading, to the problem going undetected for a long time. A dental problem, such as an advanced tooth abscess or other infections that affect the upper dental area, can penetrate the cats nasal region leading to frequent sneezing.Suggested Products

Cat Gingivitis

…your feline. Unfortunately, if these remedies fail, the only option is tooth extraction.Prevention Regularly brush your cats teeth with feline-friendly toothpaste (never use toothpaste for humans!). Purchase food conducive to dental hygiene, which aims at breaking down excess plaque to keep the gum line free of debris and preventing possible infection. Nothing in the world works better than prevention. Your cat will thank you!Suggested Products

Cat Loss of Weight

…is a symptom of something else going on with your cat. While there are many reasons for feline weight loss, it is vital to have the cat fully examined when weight loss occurs, particularly in the event of rapid weight loss. Common causes of weight loss for cats including dental problems, (FeLV), , inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and .Dental Disease in Cats Older cats and even middle-aged cats can develop gingivitis, which causes inflammation…

Cat Teeth Brushing

…Brush A Cats Teeth If youve ever attempted to get close to your cats teeth, you know how hard it is. These feline creatures arent very forthcoming with their dental hygiene so it is the owners responsibility to train and prep them so that they may be able to easily gain access whenever they need to brush their cat’s teeth.Dental Diseases Dental diseases, such as , , and periodontal disease, are the most common condition that is present in cats.

Cat Bad Breath

…professional cleaning, continued dental care will be required in order to prevent recurrence of oral diseases and bad breath. Just as with humans, regular tooth brushing is the key to good dental health. Ideally, a cats teeth should be cleaned every day. To do this, put a small amount of feline tooth gel on your finger and gently rub it onto your cats teeth. Rather than trying to fully open your cats mouth, just push back the lips without…

Masticatory Muscle Myositis - MMM

…death result. The cause may refer to cancer or a precancerous chance of cancer elsewhere that could trigger the immune reaction. This attack on the pet’s own masticatory muscles can occur in all breeds of dogs, but not in cats. Breeds include German Shepherd Dog, Doberman Pinscher and Retrievers. MMM afflicts young and middle-aged dogs. The average canine patient is three years old, either female or male. MMM appears as an acute (sudden) and…

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